About Synergy RFID Inc.

The RFID Industry is heating up and the use of RFID is becoming more commonplace among many different users like retailers, manufacturers, healthcare companies, and business in general. Many RFID manufacturers have been relying on the traditional big box auto ID and electronics two tier distributors to sell tags, RFID readers and accessories to system integrators, hardware resellers and ISVs.

These traditional auto ID distributors lack a real focus and understanding about the RFID market, technology and opportunities and provide little value add to these customers aside from offering price and delivery of product. System Integrators, hardware resellers and ISVs complain that they need a distributor that can provide more than product and pricing. They need pre-sale and post-sale solution architecture support, in depth product and technology knowledge and good customer service to expand their focus in the RFID solutions market.

Synergy RFID, Inc., is a value add two tier distributor that will provide this type of service. The company is an affiliate of Synergy Tecnologia em Sistemas, Ltda, a Brazilian based value add two tier distributor that has been providing this type of value add focused on RFID to the reseller market in Brazil for more than 6 years. The team of owners of Synergy RFID, Inc., has a combined 15 years of experience in the RFID industry building channels of distribution, channel programs and selling with System Integrators, hardware resellers and ISVs. The team has in depth knowledge about the RFID industry, UHF RFID technology manufacturers of tags, readers and accessories, as well as, middleware providers.

Synergy RFID, Inc., will provide their channel of System Integrators, hardware resellers and ISVs, with the in-depth pre and post sale support and RFID technology knowledge they are looking for because that is all we focus on.