Impinj - complete platform for RFID solutions

Speedway Readers and Antennas - superior performance for any application

Impinj's Speedway fixed RFID readers and antennas deliver the performance, quality, and reliability necessary for robust RFID-based information you can count on. With the largest installed base of fixed readers across a diverse range of applications, high mean time between failure, and a suite of supporting products and tools, Speedway readers are a powerful piece of every item visibility platform solution.

The Speedway reader family includes:

  • Speedway Revolution Readers: Fixed RFID readers with Autopilot automatically adapt to environment.
  • xArray Reader System: Overhead solution with advanced wide-area monitoring. locationing, and tag direction software.
  • xPortal Reader System: Small, flexible and cost-effective portal solution.
  • Reader Antennas: Application-specific designs control read zones.
  • Antenna Hub: Connect up to 32 antennas to the Speedway Revolution 4-port reader.
  • GPIO Box - Easily attach, power and control sensors and triggers to the reader.

Indy Reader Chips - highly integrated radio chips and supporting software

The Impinj Platform includes the Indy UHF RFID reader chip family, which is based on award-winning technology acquired from Intel Corporation. These radio chips and supporting software provide a platform for designing a wide range of devices that embed RFID read/write capability. Indy chips enable market-leading performance, lower system costs, and reduce design complexity.

The Indy reader chip family includes:

  • Indy R500: Provides lowest overall system cost for applications with short range and small tag populations
  • Indy R1000: Most deployed reader chip on the market, enables high data rates and long-range readers
  • Indy R2000: New Industry standard, advanced technology enables market-leading performance
  • Indy RS500: Completely integrated reader solution in a small surface mount package